Celebrating Haitian Mother’s Day: The Hibiscus Flower as a Symbol of Motherhood As we gather to celebrate Haitian Mother’s Day, it’s essential to recognize and honor the symbols that resonate deeply within our culture. One such symbol is the hibiscus flower, prominently featured in our logo, which beautifully encapsulates the essence of motherhood. Here’s why the hibiscus flower is a fitting representation of the incredible mothers in our lives. #### Beauty and Resilience The hibiscus flower is renowned for its vibrant beauty and delicate structure, much like the nurturing and loving nature of mothers. Despite its delicate appearance, the hibiscus is a resilient flower that thrives in various environments. This resilience mirrors the strength and endurance of mothers who navigate the challenges of life with grace and unwavering determination. #### Nurturing Qualities Just as the hibiscus requires care and attention to bloom beautifully, motherhood involves nurturing, care, and endless devotion. The flo

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